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"Using AI Text Generator Hub has been a game-changer for our marketing efforts. Highly recommended!"
David Martinez
Social Media Manager
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How Sales Teams Utilize Scriptany?

AI Sales empowers your sales team throughout the entire process, from lead generation to sales enablement, with streamlined workflows.


Workflows used by the team:

Personalized email sequences
Automated lead enrichment
Automated meeting insights


Workflows used by the team:

Transcript-to-follow up email
AI sales manager (CRM hygiene)
Battle card recommendation
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How Marketing Teams Utilize Scriptany?

Your marketing strategy has been significantly enhanced. Say goodbye to multitasking and let AI handle tedious tasks. Focus on strategy and creativity.


Workflows used by the team:

Transcript-to-content brief
Automated content repurposing
Automated content refreshing


Workflows used by the team:

Google content evaluation
Automated internal linking
Content brief-to-blog creation

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